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Medicaid Member Virtual Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Fred Wilcox
The biggest barrier to access occurs when you don't follow the administrative rules.
Leah Price
Yes, good rules still need to change as programs grow.
Fred Wilcox
Utilization Adjustment Factor not changed in 5 years.
Tracy Kalmár
Garret Frey
Thank you Liz for sharing.
Renee Speh, she, her, hers
I work with a family whose transportation often is messed up and it seems the person they spoke with has difficulty understanding their accent. Is there training or support to communicate with people for whom English is not their first language? Thanks.
kyla claussen
When is the app going to be translated so everyone can do there ride that way? we were told one year ago that this was going to happen that we can use the app.
kyla claussen
Not like we are getting safe transportion with designated people already
Fred Wilcox
Fred Wilcox fred.wilcox@iowacable.com 319-521-6521
Mari Reynolds
This is a much needed area for improvement!! Community based activities!!
Susan Buchanan
my email is waukeebruin@gmail.com (Susan Buchanan)
Leah Price
It's time to update how veridian handles paperwork. Veridian is still requiring a current wet ink signature. So if two people have to sign the document, it has to be printed twice before being emailed. Not all members have access to printers, sometimes people run out of ink and still have a deadline to meet or risk loosing services.
Mari Reynolds
Anyone on a waiver should be able to have support to access community based activities.
Evan (he/his)
Community based transportation doesn't seem to be covered for the HD waiver
Leah Price
since not everyone qualifies for every service on their waiver, maybe all services could be available on every waiver, and if the member needs it, it's available and if they don't need it, it wouldn't get used.
Susan Buchanan
Can I propose the following topics for future meetings: 1) transition from children's to adult services; 2) housing options for the intellectually disabled; 3) family members as staff. Thank you!!
Renee Speh, she, her, hers
The HD waiver serves many children on the autism spectrum. It does not provide SCL. Most of these children have extensive skill-building and ADL needs that the waiver does not cover. This is especially important during transition to adulthood.
Paula Connolly
I would also like to add the top of individuals who are medically fragile, aging out of EPSDT, who need nursing hours. These hours are often cut significantly after age 21
What LeAnn is explaining needs to be clarified with MCOS for sure. This issue has been discussed and brought up for at least 3 months.
It is hard to comprehend why this continues to be an issue.
Joy Barlean
Can someone explain Interim Medical Monitoring and Treatment (IMMT) service? And how to get this service in the home and what it is for? It seems like it should be for helping provide care while the caregiver is working and should be able to be utilized in a variety of ways but I think the rules are too medically based and so it makes it very difficult for families to utilize this service
Fred Wilcox
And why exactly are we setting caps on waivers at half the average of institutional costs and then using ETPs as a barrier to meeting needs.
Elaine Gartelos
Thank you