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EPP Webinar Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Wendi Frohna - Park U
Buddy - I think that previously EPPs could select up to a -2 SEM for MoGEA cut scores. You mentioned you would provide EPPs with the -1 SEM - but if -2 is allowed, can you provide that as well? Thanks.
Beth Kania-Gosche
Also, if we could find out what the possible scores are. For example, we don't want to set the score at 190 if a 190 isn't a possible score that appears on a report.
Wendi Frohna - Park U
Thank you!
Lorna Harrison, Ed.D.
Congratulations again, Buddy, on your wonderful accomplishment of earning your Master's! Way to go!
Was there a pilot conducted for the new MOGEA?