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Corporate Social Responsibility and Freight: SmartWay Partners showcase their leadership and lessons learned!
SmartWay Partners have demonstrated their corporate social responsibility (CSR) for almost two decades now, setting targets for GHG reductions and striving to meet them through innovative practices and efficiency measures. EPA has tapped the collective wisdom of the partner community to develop new resources for SmartWay Partners to set goals and assert their leadership and achievements. We’ll show you how to add these to your “CSR toolbox” and explore ways to enhance your efficiency efforts.

Logistics and sustainability experts from Clif Bar and General Motors North America will join as guest speakers to showcase their companies’ journeys to develop and implement their own freight sustainability initiatives.

This webinar offers partners the chance to learn from their peers and access new resources.

This webinar is for: Any SmartWay Partner companies working to develop and implement freight sustainability initiatives.


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